Mission Statement
Partnering In Miracles!
Vision Statement
To be the premier provider of habilitative services for individuals with intellectual disabilities across the state of North Carolina. To provide the highest quality, most effective, and most cost effective services possible to the individuals we serve.
Value Statement
To improve the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing support, services, education, and compassion as we assist them to build and maintain happy, fulfilling, and productive lives.
Welcome To A Small Miracle Inc.

In August of 1997, Janet Presson, the mother of a child with special needs, founded A Small Miracle, Inc. Her goal was to provide other families with the same high quality care and services that she wanted her own child to receive......

A Small Miracle, Inc. is a Innovations Waiver - I/DD agency that provides comprehensive services to children and adults of all ages and with all types of disabilities. We specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder and support a variety of educational methodologies: VB, ABA, PECS, and TEACCH. Our agency also provides services that are only offered by a small number of providers, including Specialized Consultative Services and Individual/Caregiver Training and Education on such topics as Apraxia, Dietary Intervention, Biomedical Interventions and Legal and Advocacy Issues.

A Small Miracle, Inc. currently employs almost 800 habilitation technicians and has offices in Goldsboro, Raleigh, Greenville, and Waynesville. Our agency provides one-on-one services to almost 500 children and adults in a twenty-eight county region of Eastern Central North Carolina, Haywood County (Western North Carolina) and we are licensed to provide services anywhere in the state.

Since A Small Miracle, Inc. is owned and operated by the mother of a child with autism, we are acutely aware of the unique needs of a family with a special individual. That is why we offer many additional
opportunities for our service recipients and their families in addition to the
Innovations Waiver/DT services we provide. We offer networking opportunities with other
parents; information on doctors, dentists and medical specialists; and training
and information on a variety of topics, to include the most effective educational
and biomedical interventions for individuals with autism.

No other agency in the state offers the personalized services and support
that our agency does. If you are interested in receiving services from A Small
Miracle, Inc., or would like more information about what we do,
please call us at 800.760.0665.

Innovations Waiver Amendment - Important Information from ASM President Janet Presson - Friday, July 24, 2015
DMA has recently published an amendment to the Innovations Waiver suggesting changes to be implemented 1/1/16.  I have read this amendment, outlined significant changes, and then put together an easy-to-understand guide.  Please read the guide and then submit your comments (both positive and negative) to the email address included.  Our families can provide input on how these changes will affect them and their loved one(s).  I’ve attached a cover letter explaining this along with the guide and the amendment itself.                                         
Amendment Letter.pdf     Waiver Changes Info.pdf 
ASM Employee Manual has been updated - effective immediately! - Wednesday, April 16, 2014
     Notice: Please be advised that our ASM Employee Manual has been updated - effectively immediately 4/16/14.
     Please click the following link to download the ASM Employee Manual in it's entirety (PDF format) ---> read more ...
Update to ASM's Confidentiality Policy - Thursday, January 02, 2014
We have updated our Confidentiality Policy which is a part of our Company's Policies and Procedures. Please take a few minutes to review this policy and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your local ASM office! read more ...
Mercury (Still) in Vaccines! - Thursday, December 26, 2013
Support letter to stop use of mercury   
Leading scientists oppose mercury in vaccines and drugs
From our friends at A Shot of Truth,
Save U.S. children and the unborn from being injured by another mercury-containing vaccine.
      One simple act will send the message to our government that you no longer will allow citizens; especially pregnant women and children from receiving the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. This mercury-based preservative has now been linked to causing a 773% increase in autism with prenatal exposure and an 1100% increase in spontaneous abortions (miscarriages).
     Go to A Shot of Truth, provide your name and let the world know you want to completely ban mercury in all vaccines.
     On December 17, 2013, a letter was sent to the HHS Secretary, FDA Commissioner, and CDC Director regarding the on-going use of the mercury based preservative thimerosal and the tremendous devastation it can cause.  Please view below excerpts from the letter and view the actual letter here.
    George Lucier, Ph.D., one of the co-signers of this letter, is the former Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program responsible for coordinating toxicology research and testing across Federal agencies including CDC, EPA, FDA, NIH, OSHA, CPSC among others. Relevant to vaccines preserved with thimerosal, which contains mercury in the ethyl form, Dr. Lucier has stated in writing:
     Organic mercury is a developmental neurotoxin. There is an immense scientific literature base to support this statement. Ethylmercury, used as a preservative in vaccines, is an organomercurial compound. Logic coupled with public health concerns provide an overwhelming justification that mercury should not be deliberately given to the developing fetus, infants and children as well as adults. It is incomprehensible to us that our public health agencies still permit organic mercury to be part of our vaccine program.                                                  
     It is time for this travesty of medical misinformation and public harm to be brought to an end. Other countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom have terminated the use of thimerosal in all of their vaccinations. The United States government should not ignore the wisdom of these other countries or the existing research data. Read the entire letter here ---> read more ...
Family Testimonials
"A Small Miracle is a very family friendly organization.  We have been with them for about five years now and are extremely satisfied.  From the owner, Janet Presson, who is caring, personable, helpful, and friendly; to the staff, who are always there when we need them, working hard to find workers if we are in need, and sensitive to our feelings about how we want things for our son.  They are informative and up to date on the latest in the Autism world.  My husband and I are very pleased with how things are handled for our son.  After all…he is our #1 concern."
- V.G., Durham, NC

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